Long Beach

bikeride2 bikeride I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy some of last weeks amazing sunny weather at Long Beach. I could probably write 100 posts about reasons why I love living in Seattle, but I think my absolute favorite is how close it is to so many awesome places. I love that within a couple of hours I can be at ocean, the rainforest, up in Vancouver, or in the mountains, etc.

This was my first time at Long Beach since moving to Seattle in 2011, but I will definitely be going back. I have to admit, it wasn't  high on my places to, mostly because I thought the long stretch of sandy beach would be boring compared to beach farther up the coast, but it was AWESOME. We happened to be there when the tide was super low, which made for perfect beach bike riding conditions. We biked 18+ roundtrip along the ocean shore, and the was almost nobody else there. It was very serene, and the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  I can't wait to go back!