Weddings in Review- Anne and Jeriah's Maplehurst Farms Wedding

I stepped down from Duclos Studios II this month in order to have more time to focus on my own photography. Working at Duclos Studios II, has been an amazing opportunity and I am going to miss being part of the wedding photography team. However I am excited to have more time this summer to pursue my own photography as well to plan my own wedding (yay!). I am still planning to second shoot a few weddings, but I am decreasing the amount drastically. Ryan Duclos ( has given me permission to post some my favorites photographs that I took while working with the studio. I'm going to spend the next few weeks posting photos that I took during my time with Duclos Studios II. I had the privilege to photograph so many amazing weddings that it is hard to pick a favorite, but since I don't want to post 2,000 photos I will try and narrow it down.

I'll start by posting one of my first and favorite weddings with Duclos Studios, Anne and Jeriah's wedding which I shot back in 2012. Anne and Jeriah got married at Maplehurst Farms in Mount Vernon. Maplehurst farms is one of my favorite venues, and if you are looking for a wedding venue you should definitely check them out at Maplehurst Farms.

If the beautiful entry to Maplehurst farms was the only selling point to the venue, I would say it was enough to justify a strong recommendation from me. It is only the beginning of such a gorgeous the venue. And of course, the lovely Anne and Jeriah made the photo perfect. They were such a sweet couple and joy to photograph.



While I love taking the styled editorial shots of the bride and groom, I have to admit that my favorite photos to take at a wedding are the candid shots. There is nothing better than capturing a truly happy moment  and being able to provide the couple with something tangible to remember that moment by. I just love this goofy moment between the bride and her father.


I also love this moment between the bride and groom. From an editorial standpoint, I realize it isn't a perfect photo. I cringe a little bit every time I see the chairs in the background. However, I still love this photo and wanted to show it because it is such a sweet, genuine moment between the bride and groom.


And I just had to post one picture of the dress, because I absolutely ADORE this dress. It so beautiful and was such a perfect compliment to their lovely country wedding