Why Do Cats Love Baskets?

Why do all cats seem to love baskets? I've heard that they like them because the confined space makes them feel safe, which makes sense, but really I don't know. What I do know, is that baskets seem to rank high on the cat preferred seating list, along with newspapers, keyboards, and of course, grocery bags.

When I saw this cute basket I knew it'd be perfect for my session with Quatro, who was recently adopted from PAWS Cat City.  I find that using props such as baskets, balls, feather wands, etc., etc., is important when taking pet portraits. By using props, the animal looks engaged and interested, like Quatro in the photos below. 

Without using props, its easy for pictures to look more like the photo shown below, which was taken early during our photoshoot. He still looks cute, but he appears bored and disinterested, and as a result, the picture is also lacking in personality and visual appeal.