Emma's 1 Year Old - Seattle and Shoreline Photographer

This cutie pie turned one. I had the privilege of photographing her Dol, which was one of the most fun birthday parties I have ever photographed at. The party was held at the Richmond Highlands Community Center. The Community Center is the perfect venue for a kids b-day party, as it has a large gymnasium, rec room, and plenty of space for kids to play.

First Birthday Cake

When kids arrived they were greeted by these brightly colored treats. Like many Seattlites, Emma's family are devout Seahawks fans, and to support their team at the Superbowl, they included green into the party color scheme.

In honor of tradition, Emma was giving a variety of items to choose from. Each item signified something different, and the item she chose was to predict her future. For example, if she chose a pencil, it would signify that she would grow up to be a scholar, or if she chose the paintbrush, she would  grow up to be an artist. Before the event, guests casts votes as to what item they thought she would chose. Below, Emma's older brother enters his vote. (He was very secretive- so I can't tell you his vote)


Emma wore the beautiful little dress during her part of her party, and I'm pretty sure she knew how adorable she was.


The table below was decorated with traditional Korean treats and desserts, and was one of the focal points of the party.


During the celebration, Emma stood behind the table with her parents, and was given several items to choose from. After briefly toying with the golf tees, she happily chose the calculator, signifying a career in engineering. 


After that, Emma changed back into her Seahawks party dress and enjoyed some chocolate birthday cake.


Happy Birthday Miss Emma!